Take Cover or Take FlightMature

Crawl back to the door. Are you sure it's what you're here for? What else is in store?
Rattling in your cage. Turn the page.
The sky is bright tonight. It's take cover or take flight. What seems right?

Peel back the layers, check what's underneath
A game of chess with players that you like the least
Don't do me any favors, it's the fright that creeps up in the dark
You savor it and keep it in your heart
It leaks out into your way, and it doesn't go away
Looks like it's here to stay, unless you find another way out
Kill the doubt, and figure out what it's about

Fly into your fears, they won't see it coming
Dive into the clear, their eyes still see you running
They'll calculate defeat, but their lies don't let the sun in
So you're back up on your feat
You'll meet them in the rain, beat them at their game
Leap out from under pain, there's more to gain

There's no reason summer season would be freezing
Unless the cold inside your soul has taken hold
You lost control, your vision's blurred
You dug a hole, no wisdom heard
Just random words from a phantom herd
They roam the streets while you stick to sheets
Black the windows, you'll never win though

Your eyes won't shine when the lies entwined with the essence of your being
It's the blessing you're not seeing
I'm guessing what you're feeling's stressing but not healing
Undress and let the real in
Feel the rain, bleed out the strain
Clean out your brain, and drain
Break the chains

The End

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