Cloud On The Mountain TopMature

For a cloud on the mountain top, it wasn't very soft
A loft in the sky resides nearby
Every time I cry, I die slowly
Slowly fading into oblivion
Every end of every day brings new light into the dark
Walk in the park
And swallow pennies through every pore until you're sore
Turn around and walk back towards the source
Force yourself to do it against your will
Eat up your fill
For every bird sitting on a window sill
There is an old man paying his bills
If you didn't have any bills to pay
You'd waste your time rotting away
Don't bother trying to save the day
Whiskers turn grey
Whispers turn to shouts
Shout it out, give a pout
Crowded over huddling football players trying to get the ball
Sometimes you can take a fall
Crowded subway platform, trying to reform
Inform your dignity of what you're doing now
Don't have a cow
And this is just desperately grasping at straws
Strings dangling over me as I grasp for breath
This'll be the death of me, I know it
Reap what you sow, and swimming in throw up 

The End

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