He's Not HumanMature

Masses, they're creeping outside
Masses, they're creeping outside
He's not your friend
He's there, he's using it
He's not your friend
He's there, I'm using it
He's a selective magnet
Bad soul
Empty was his margin
I love him to look like me
Hide out, but if I ever had to eat this out
When I sound sweet but I sound ignorant
And I'll wonder if what I have is holy now
Now what if I acted out, what would you say?
Now you busted open my new house
Now no man's land was worth it
Help me out here
He's not human
He's got a rip in his soul
He's an outlandish one
He's not human
And I love him
In the open blue
He switched your birth to immortal
I say I was born for silence at worst
Please forgive me
Someone help
He'll fail now
He's not human 
And I will choke from the jealousy 

The End

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