We ChymeMature

Blue red rainbows the size of a holocaust won't come into your mind
Houses are fun when you're Pacman
I love to be Mario and Luigi splats the boxes not as good as I jump him
Chalk is a constraint
I am a spawn or a stain
What's your name?
Or claim to fame?
Oh what a shame

Triangle funds are way wards outsiders left to spawn moral disasters every time you open your mouth
Elephants are jungle bungle fever animals who can disco dance if you let them
Monkeys go bananas at the zoo
You are the best person to be a star like a pentagon because you have five sides and are basically a house

Grass and cylinders belong to live in glass houses with mice
Sometimes ice demons break out the skis and everyone has a plant life
It strides and prides itself on its amazing upbringing, but who's to say your environment is righteous?
You're a unicorn of faith, I wish
Too much wish-wash swishing from a pool to poolside
Tool stride

Fried Clyde's the name, howdy-do?
I have red freckles, and it's always my time
Your time is tea time, but pee time is me time
And we chyme in with our own rhymes 

The End

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