Kids In NeedMature

Red lines and vines do not compare
Balloons follow up when everywhere
All we see is kids in need
For real we breed too much hate
Can't relate or face the strain
Take the train to a higher place
Glide around the slopes til you see what you want
The other kids didn't grow up in no playground with swing sets
Who asked you for your opinion on the subject matter?

Mermaids may lie, so don't read their lips
You can never be too sure with those women
Sun shines on the past, the future is darker
Flip it around and walk the other way
Now the light shines where you walk
You have to walk like an Egyptian if you want to survive the train
Otherwise they'll cook your brain

Hello heights play by too far to flee from the devil and his great sleep
He'll lure you into the twilight zone
You're on your own, Mrs. Jones
Teenage or full grown
You make the choice, you walk the plank
Santa Clause payed forty five minutes after nine
How did the time go by so darn fast man
I haven't felt this alive in 25 years, I tell ya
Oh don't let me go on about that boy, he likes fish alright
He likes the sky tonight
God bless amen 

The End

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