World Comes Alive With A Smile

Story behind this is: I was going to write a song about heartbreak, and then I was flicking through Spotify, and I came across David Crowder Band, "How He Loves" I fell in love instantly with it, and I decided to write this. I love feeling like this :)

When I begin to get the feeling of pure love
My heart flows above like a dove
I can't help but break into a smile
And now, for Him, I'd run a mile

Life now flows so easily
Open my eyes, turn and see
Oh how beautiful it is, when I'm here
And standing with Him, there goes my fear

Happiness overcomes my mind
Beauty everywhere I find
So excellent and incredible
I can stand, great and tall

How could I miss it, this perfect
So much love, never felt
Flowing over me, it fills me up
And overfloweth, my cup

The End

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