A collection (I hope) of poems from the odd semi-autonomous entity in my head from which all my odd muse flows from. I call it the Mad Poet.

Hi there, Mad Poet here... if you look to the right of the screen, almost in the top right corner of this page, you should see a "play" button. A lot of the time my rhythm is less than perfect on paper because I adjust for it in my head and as such others sometimes miss it. If you want to hear it read the way I envisioned it you can have a click up there, but if not, don't worry about it! It's poetry there are no wrong answers!

It's Halloween again, best day of the year
An excuse for loads of junk food, late nights, and fear
People wear ridiculous costumes, I sit back and scoff
While most are putting on their masks, I'm taking my mask off

Robots, witches, a murderer, into the streets they pack
But oh! The Irony! You'd never know it, but one of them isn't an act!
"My blade looks real? Why yes it does, but I assure you it's only a toy"
And then I'm shoved, I turn around, face to face with some jerk of a boy

"Nice sword freak" the scumbag jeered, and though I could have licked him
I stepped aside and watched him pass... but decided he'd be my first victim.
Him and his pals roamed the the street, never breaking line
Until he stopped to bully a kid, and finally fell behind.

When he was done he turned to go, but couldn't find his horde
Then I stepped up and pushed him along, prodding him with my "sword"
"What the heck are you doing freak?", He shouted but he was scared
I smiled and poked him, and he gave a yelp, but I really couldn't have cared
I poked him and poked him, again and again until he fell down dead,
then I poked him a little bit more, while laughing off my head

I caution you, to the children in their costumes, be good
For you never know what malevolent spirit lurks beneath that hood
It could just be a little boy, looking for tricks and treats
Or perhaps right under your very noses a murderer walks the streets

This is my hour, within the night and rampant fear I bask
Stalking around, finally my having my way, on the one day I take off my mask
It's only one day, the other 364 are spent being painfully formal
But I have my fun, killing as I will, before returning to "normal"

I left the alley and saw a cop, his eyes grew wide because,
He said "I'm impressed! That blood looks almost real!" I laughed,

"Why yes... it does..."

The End

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