Words Weigh DownMature

Picture in your mind a library

Now picture all the books

Think of each and every one

Stacked up


Into the smallest possible space

About the space of a man's chest

All that weight

Lying him to rest


In peace, or not in peace but in war

In war with himself

In his mind

Over every single word stacked up on a shelf


Telling him he's useless

Telling him he's stupid

Telling him that every single breath he took

Was a nuisance


Picture each and every word inside those library books

Imagine if every single one of them

Were unkind, and nasty

And every one of those words were pointed at him


One man, under all that weight

Under all those words

And predict, in this situation

How he's going to play his cards


When he starts believing in them

Or not even believing in them

But believing that the person who said them

Believing he was the root of this stem


Of hate you laugh at with your friends

You do not realize that this is abuse

Because you figure

That he's used


To them you can't believe that words

Would make it harder

Figured it wouldn't matter

That the jab would be broken by his armor



The armor that he doesn't wear

You can't all the time

And anyways, their's no armor that keeps things

From piercing someone's mind


And as you laugh at that loser 

Who's worthless with your friends

He sits at home trying to figure out

How he can make amends


With all of the people that some reason

Hate him

Trying to figure out if somehow

He can please them


But he'll come up with nothing

Because you can't make people

Like you so he'll sit down

And think, sit there and tweedle


His thumbs, and then a sick answer pops into his head

Because under all of the weight of the words you cant think straight

And your mind can't come up with anything

Because there's no oxygen running to your brain


So he does the deed

And your words have literally put him six feet under

The weight of them has crushed him

And now he's just a number


Remember please the weight of your words

And where they lay

Be kind to all

And watch what you say.



The End

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