Words on a Page

By Mooky Blaylock

The illusion is reading
Believing that you are told what to imagine

But  these words here are just words
Letters on a page
Grouped and jumbled together
Allowing thoughts the excuse to wander

A cobbled stone path
That swirls through mist and mountains
Something evanescent
Always out of reach

The need to experience is a feeling
An ambiguous persuit
To leave behind the reality of actuality
Surrendering coherence to the dark water depths


Now cant you see
That the words on this page
is looking up at you
Waiting upon you
Reading you like a book
To open the doors
and breathe a breath
into the lungs of your creation

So that it can rise up
and wander these lands
to explore in amazement
The creation of it's creator

Don't be shy
Join in the chorus
As the chorus waits
to join in with you
The stage is set
The seats are filled
Everyone is waiting
Waiting for a sweetly bittered Symphony
of cataclysmic devastation
to be born from your chasm

Let your thunder moan
and these oceans cry
Let those haunting winds howl
with demonic delight
Until mountains collide
with all of it's goddamn might

Raise the winters from their slumber
And summon from burning stars the summers
Let them stare each other down
and break their truce of elusion
Allowing the frameworks of their existence to be shaken at the core

So you see?

The words on this page
is nothing more than words on a page
The value of it's content
is the dreamers to give

For all of this is you
and will always live inside

The End

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