Words of Encouragement.

Poetry. Add on. If you want.

Is this truly what you want?

To live a lie?

And coming up with a fake alibi?

It's no excuse,

And you know it.

So just calm down, and sit.

I'm telling you,

It won't last long.

But you just got to stay strong.

Keep your faith,

It's the only thing allowing you to survive.

And you'll know when you're truly alive.

These words are meant to heal you.

To help and inspire life.

To get you through the strife.

Forgive me if I'm wrong,

For I commonly am.

Just trying to avoid the slam.

It's not unsual, this type of poison.

Someone's always looking for blood.

Even during the inevitble flood.

But when you first see that light,

That brilliant illumination,

You know your true fortune.

Try to be happy,

My dear, dear friend.

And don't ever let yourself blend.

The End

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