Words I couldn't say...

the title says it all ...

You couldn't find the meaning

behind my smile.

You couldn't hear the pain,

behind my silence.

You couldn't find the love 

for you in my eyes.

If only you only tried 

to hear my unspoken words.

You couldn't see the happiness

I felt when I was with you.

You couldn't notice the sadness

when you said goodbye.

If only I would have

put all these feelings into words,

I wouldn't be left here

alone with my unspoken words.

But weren't you supposed 

to feel the same,

Or was my love for you

only mine?

You left me yearning for you

without hearing my unspoken words.

And still instead of despise

all that I have for you

is my heart, a little bit full

of all my unspoken words.

The End

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