Tosh (on writing)

absolute tosh. 
That's why we're here 
is it not? 
The belief that our experiences 
and the way in which we word them 
are of significance? 
The writing game is an ugly game, 
and our weathered faces 
usually support such claims. 
From your first, shallow loves 
gone sour 
to life threatening experience; 
it is all a farce. 
A game with no winners, 
just a few distant tears 
shed for the lump of misery 
snapped over their desk. 
Ah! We do go on, 
don't we? 
Never wanting to miss 
that perfect line 
that may 
or may not 
wait at the end 
of a hundred wasted sentences. 
So, carry on writing 
I say, 
for they are much worse 
farces to be involved in. 

The End

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