Words Forever

A poem about the elusive nature of words and writters block, and how truely beautiful and magnificent words can be. Enjoy.

Who will be my muse?

I have once believed that love would hold true

Be my muse and bestow upon me an ever cascading waterfall of words

To write upon this blank sheet and forever trap vocabularies soul within these borders

The words however have a mind of their own and tend to run wild

They mock me with their subtle meanings and hidden agendas

I often find myself having to chase after them as if I were the hound, and they the fox

I once believed that love would be the pen needed to bind my words

Yet in the end it turns out love was not strong enough to secure these words

Oh no, these words resisted loves tender touch and have eluded me once again.


The prison of paper that I had tried to lock them away in was as it turns out insufficient

The ink runs like the black blood of my dreams

Streaking down towards the bottom of the page and my last hope

I attempt to catch them with trickery now, but realize that it is they who are the jester

They laugh at my futile attempts to snatch them from the vocabulary of my mind

And tumble, twirl and twist away from me yet again

What must I do to coax them to display their gift upon my page?

I sit and ponder this profound enigma

Sluggish and slow, flawed and fitful, dancing and dying

The cycle of my mind is never ending, as long as they elude me


A single overwhelming thought touches my mind,

Who am I to lock words down forever more, trapped upon a single sheet of parchment?

Are words not the freest of the free, gifted to anyone who dares reach out to them?

Words are not some beast that is to be locked away in a cage and gawked at,

No, words are life and life is words,

To be so gifted as to befriend these fell creatures, surely the Gods would be envious!

And yet I am no more then a beggar in the street with not but a pen and paper.

For what am I if I have no words?


Perhaps I am going about this all wrong

Instead of trying to catch these words, I will let them run free!

I will silently observe their beautiful dance and no longer try to enslave them

For words are not mine, nor are they yours,

They cannot be ripped from your mind with force, or coxed out with love.

And only if they so desire will they settle themselves amongst my page

Where they will forever more find themselves immortalized and worshiped

Until the sun dips beneath the sky and refuses to rise again

Until the stars fall from the Heavens and crash to earth,

These words will have a place amongst mankind.

And when the parchment is brown and brittle, and the words faded dull

I will still be more then glad

To count these words amongst my friends.

The End

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