It's just what came out.

Your soul stunted by sudden sounds,
Words drowned by comfort unprofound,
A deep haunting hounds your body,
Shadows creep, darkness wanting,
Light breaks through,
A darkness blinks blinding view,
There's nothing standing in the way,
There's nothing past all the day,
A dark rage,
A bitter sound,
Those words you seek are words you've drowned,
Their bodies belong to the ocean,
A dark twisting swill below...

Your resurrection,
Your shine,
As light illuminates from your eye,
A distant breath of life,
A thousand sons to a thousand wives,
And the lives spared,
As beauty in life, with darkness, is shared,
Find a way, make your peace,
Soon the ground tumbles underneath,
But the ground is not where you belong,
It's a world of vile and temptation,
A world of pain,
A world so long...

You do not belong to earthen soil,
Heavens will take you angel above,
The beauty of which I love,
The sound of which resonates a dove,
Your tempered heart will rest,
And the sound of its beat shall fall in line,
With the sound of a soulmate's rhyme,
Whether or not it is mine,
I love you, so where you belong will be found in time...

The End

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