I don't know. i basically got frustrated with people so i went on a frustrated rant? i guess this is what came of that.

My words are epic
They’re a force
And you can’t stop it.
A beat and you can’t drop it.
A crime you just can’t commit.
My words say what I want them to
They make things happen, and make people move.
My words are convincing,
My lies are strong;
But my truths, even stronger
My words make people feel
What I feel
They make people think
What I think
Spoken by the heart
Translated in ink
My words are intentional
As someone else’s words once said
In this way,
I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.
And whether they ring forever
Or fade into never
Is irrelevant
Because they are said with intent
My words are revolutionary
They can
Transform the lives of many
They can
Make the grass grow greener
Create a confident demeanor
They can
Make the sun shine brighter
I’m a speaker not a writer
I’m a lover not a fighter.
Yes, my words insinuate
They illustrate
They navigate
If my mind were to be unfurled
I might end up changing the world
The only downside,
Is that they always seem cast aside
Left hanging in the air,
Slowly fading, yet still there
The truth is…
Are not words
They are simply
Tuneless chords
Played by a pianist
No response, no rewards.
It’s been made your responsibility
To make change a possibility
Not an abnormality
It’s your capability
To avoid invisibility
And gain credibility
Using your heart’s integrity

The End

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