Wordless Roses

I don't expect this to make any sense but.. metaphors fell from these pale roses and I felt they needed to be visible to my stars just above.

Blood dries on the once pale roses
Which leave the tender embrace
With such reluctance

Silence, secrets whispered through those roses
Of beauty and tender delight, knowing
Something is hidden in the stars

But words evade those beautiful roses
Longing for tenderness once more
As they are tasted with anxiety

Questions are thrown to those seductive roses
Hoping to use their beauty for tenderness
Only to lose petals by knives from within

The stems will be ripped from these careless roses
If the once tender embrace is not fully covered by words
And if there is only tenderness found in those roses' reluctance
Then the words formed in whispers will go by one man, unheard.

The End

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