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Trying to squeeze as many words of the day as chosen on dictionary.com into a single poem while still maintaining it as a proper poem that actually makes at least some sense.

Title: Suffrage

Forfending flotsam mollitude
Affable, our jugum hearts
Egregious mansuetude

The sockdolager eludes us
Though lickerish we may
Prevaricate, felicitate
our nostrum caliginous

We'll fight to creolize,
With our dithyrambic klatsch
The spirituel, the chatoyant
We will descry and exclupate
and before the katzenjammer takes,
and byzantine plenipotentiaries
who ruled up high for centuries
denying us androgyny, outcry

Maybe not the cure, but maybe the solution
for homologous identity
our eleemosynary 

The End

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