The spindle
That you've caught me with
Is pricking like tendrils
Of rotten ice at the verge,
Deepening my distaste
Of my heart encapsulated,
Locked up, towered, and devastated.
One point is an epicentre
Whence the shock will set,
I expect it will spread
And numb the every bone
That does not matter
Amongst my fallen soul;
It will flood with desire
Against your disgust,
My heart pierced straight through,
Without sword, without word.
As we weave our two souls
Together and apart-
The ripple pulls us apart-
And the motion like that
Of bodies for the pleasures
Of the essence
Can feel the broken hinging
Of the hearts for the romantic;
As we wind a falling thread,
Never to expect finality,
Messages form upon
The golden, stained
Irrepressibly in blood
From so many fingers,
A handful, bouquet of spoils
Once taken, now removed
In the grievous intertwine,
A gift laden with treachery:
Every sharpened end has been
Dipped in delicious poison,
Lust in words unsaid,
Lusted for the worship,
That presence of victory,
Where, in the message, I was
Never going to win.
I was pricked by the wicked Love,
His spell he cast on me,
An echo of my consciousness
To leave- instead, the beauty
Of a lie, the torment of a trance;
I was swept within the binding light,
And along my subjugation,
I left no cause for truth behind;
When I advanced,
I pushed myself to the spike.
The teetering edge,
It remains there,
The haunting ghost of admiration,
An alienation from the present,
Locked away from the commune
I had once found a mirror into.
Instead, my future is bleak,
As bleak as black wool,
That which I am forever
Through the wires
Of my prison-heart.
The spindle
That you left me upon,
By my own steps, it remains,
Down I am torn,
In a whirl of body and soul
Floundering in and out
Of passion, of the consequence
Of existing menace,
This has taken all of balance,
Sense strung through
The instrument of isolation;
Affliction supplies it,
And I remind you of
The daylight that seeps
No more,
For I have pricked
My tongue upon the lies,
Ice-turned to oblivion,
Forever down I will fall.

The End

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