All I want to do,

Is cry over you.

All I want to do,

Is let you go,

All I want to do,

Is to just tell you no.

That I can't do this anymore.

That you can't be this close, I'm done,

That I can't trust anyone.

I'm better off alone, alone is familiar.

I can't hope, or humor,

The ideas you poison my mind with,

The idea that you care.

That I matter.

That maybe, maybe, you might love me after all.

But it's wrong.  All wrong.  

One mention of her, and all of my smiles are gone.

I wish I never met you,

Then I would have never changed.

I wish I never met you.

Then I wouldn't be this way.

I wish I never met you,

So no one could ever touch me like you do,

Make me feel, hurt, and smile.

The pain isn't worth it, I say.

Even if you make the light burn brighter, in my day, but in a good way.

It's not worth it, like I'm not.  

So now I will fighter harder.

You won't be closer to me, I don't want it.

You can't be trusted.

My instincts are screaming to push you far away,

Hide under my arms, and make sure you can't see.

At the idea, that someday, you just might see all of me,

You can't, I won't let you, you were never mine to have, and you don't want me!

I wouldn't want me.

I don't.

But I can't trust you.


And now. . . . 


The End

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