don't even know.
I don't know who this is for, although my heart probably knows, so enjoy or don't, matters not to me.
feel free to add something :3

I wonder about you- 

about where you are and if you're okay.

 If you're even still alive.

I wonder about you-

whether it hurts you that we ended up this way.

I wonder about whether you dream of me, like I dream of you.

Thoughts of you soothe my mind whenever the night terrors shake me from my sleep-

I wonder if our memories do the same for you.

Perhaps you don't even sleep anymore,I honestly have no clue-

and so I wonder about you.

I wonder if you've fallen in love yet,

and whether or not she's anything like me.

And I wonder if you hate me.

I don't know where you are,

or where you've been.

but in the early morning hours i hear your voice in my head,

and living doesn't hurt anymore.

I wonder about you and about the things you do-

and I worry.

I have no right to, but that changes nothing.

I worry about the people you surround yourself with,

and whether or not they're worth your time,

and if they're any good for you.

Darling, i still worry about you.

Perhaps you're an entirely different person,

but maybe you're exactly as i remember you.

I don't know you like I used to,but perhaps I do.

I haven't seen you in months,

but darling, i still yearn for your touch.

No one has ever loved me in the way you did,

rough and gentle,

vicious and sweet,

you loved me angry,

and you loved me sad,

you loved me like i was your last ties to humanity-

you loved me hard.

I fear that I will always crave you.

I'm lost in the maze of your arms,

stuck in the storm of your mind,

I haven't felt the warmth in your bones in months,

and my blood has run cold ever since.

I haven't felt safe since the last time your eyes met mine,

and I haven't slept well since then-

I've been too anxious, and I can't sit still-

I haven't wanted anything as much as I want you in years,

and I worry about this.

you're my addiction,

caring about you is my methamphetamine,

missing you my heroin,

loving you my LSD,

They told me about all those street drugs,

but never about the ones with breath, beauty and blood,

you haven't been around yet I'm still crashing from my daily dosage.

I wonder about you,and I worry for you,

and I get lost in these thoughts of you,

although I have no doubt that you're safe in her arms.

The End

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