Wonderland's Ode

This what I wrote for my partner. This poem is four years old and you may find the same poem on Quizilla.

When was the last time?

When will the sun rise?

When did grass become blue?

Questioning life,

Questioning love,

Logging in, logging out

Rhymes never make sense

Words never wanting to meet

Alyss from wonderland

Was inspired by the Norm

So what makes us different

Is it what we see

Or things seen

Colours clash

Words jumbles

So when did the Cat kill?

When did Madigan lose his bet.

Imagine life without hola hoops

Hats on obese people

Who hair,

Cake of Alice,

Flamingo Cellos

Tweedledee, Tweedledum playing with chimeras,

holding on to sanity

with questions.

The End

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