A woman's heart to me is her womanhood. And in this poetry, it is about a woman, who's heart has been broken by her boyfriend. He thinks there is nothing wrong, and often compares his manhood being more important than her "womanhood". And we all know what happens when a woman's "womanhood" gets crushed.

My womanhood has been taking away, because of you. My womanhood has been destroyed because of you. Do you even know or even care that my heart is broken? Or do you love to see me in despair? My womanhood is broken, because you decided. That I'm not worth being your pride and joy. I loved you, and I thought you loved me. But once again, I'm a fool to think that you cared about me. The day I caught you with someone else, it breaks my heart. The fact that you shown a lack concern about what your affair has done to me, I had to spend the rest of my days crying, worn out, and bitter. A heart was a woman's pride and joy. Just like doing manly things were your pride and joy. But tonight, I destroyed your manhood, just like you destroyed my womanhood. But it's more than to bust the windows out your useless ugly 1980's Buick. I told your family, your homies, and your mistress that you was having sex with a drag queen, and they believed it. So now you are complaining that I took your manhood away and break it? Well this is what happens when you take my womanhood away and destroyed it.

The End

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