Wolves and a Dog


The wolves in my heart

are looking for you.

they will hunt you through all the nights

heedless of my sleeping

they roam my dreams with their

restless teeth

worrying the ghosts of you

that flit before my mind still—



But come beyond the wolves

beyond the tangled darkness

through the iron of heart with interchangeable parts

always changing—


work your way into here

and you will find only an old dog

left to guard the very inner workings

an old dog

that was young once

that might look young again if you

called its name.


So here is the choice to be made;

keep running and be found



by my hunters.

They will tear you apart

for what you did.  Revenge will be

a thousand fold.  You will

ask for death

and be granted your wish.


or else come back to me.


dragging the chains you bound us with

the chains we forged in the hottest fires

of our hearts

come before me asking forgiveness

and the dog will come for you.


She has been waiting a long time

for the one she loves.

She will come running and

her teeth will not touch you

but will flash as she barks for joy.


She is more powerful that all the wolves.

She is stronger than all their teeth.

She will guard you and you will be safe.

She will love you and you will want for nothing.

She will sleep at your feet

and lick at your hands

and do as you say—

be kind to her.

Because she has God inside of her

and she loves you.


So run from me if you want pain.

Hide if you want death.

Come back if you want to be found

broken and pieced back together

the hunters are restless;

their howls fill me

the dog is waiting

crying softly.

Run or return.

Flee or stay—

choose wisely boy.

Choose wisely.

The End

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