Darkness encases me in its cloak.
There is pain as fangs push their
Way through swelling gums, lengthening,
Piercing my lips bloody.

Doubling over as limbs buckle and twist,
Muscles stretch and tighten,
Insides rearrange and snap into place---
A black pelt springs from my pores,
Sheathing my body in its luster.

The change is complete.
I howl a song to the goddess of the moon.
I sing a thanks to the god of night.
I dance in the beauty of darkness.

The tantalizing scent of humans
Catches my attention.
Saliva drips from my jaws.

I hear their hearts pumping wildly,
The blood coursing through their veins,
I smell their fear, their sweat, their uncertainty...

These scents beckon me,
Seduce me,
Madden me.

I creep toward the
intoxicating essence---
Seeking prey...

The End

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