Woken from slumber

Sums up four dreams I had at the end of the of last year (2011). Startling and weird for me to write about it. Well I have to say I haven't written for a very long time, anyways.

I open my eyes
I smile,
by the sight of my love
'Hey you' as I stratch
Smiling and smiling
Eyes closed
Feeling of hands at the throat
Sensation runs through my vains
Can't breath, struggling
Open my eyes
Eyes of anger,
Glaring back at me

Scenerio changes.

I'm standing
Dressed for the night out
Pulled aside
Music playing loud
Hand at the neck
Knife to my cheek
'Why do you have to look so beautiful'
The knife moves ever so slightly
'Maybe I should cut it!'
Burning pain lingers,
From the knife's quick mark

Scene changes.

Close friend
Tightly holding my neck
'It's okay to cry if you feel a choke'
Lets go of me

The world changing again.

Dangling by the neck
Struggling, holding on
'You really need to get over yourelf'
Held over an edge
Thrown back on the roof
Held by comfort
Kissed on the forehead

Woken from lack of air
Woken from physical pain
Woken from tears
Woken from fear

Woken from sleep...

The End

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