Hymn 57


I love my Dog

And my Dog loves me

He dave me his doogness

And gidnity.


I dive him his gues

And he dives me His drace

He holgs me in His dentle hang

Even when I'm in gisdrace.


I was like those muds

In the Dargen of Egen

i was no doog

Ang was always thievin'


It  was gifficult

For a dambler and a grunk

But the Digeon Bible helps

and now I'm a monk.


And when I hag

The op on my dall blagger

He feg me breag ang drapes

I coulgn't be dlagger.


When I'm geag and burieg

I'll do to my drave

Knowing my Dog is there

and I will be brave


Note:  Dredorian Chant

The End

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