Mystery Novel

I opened my eye'z and glanced around the non familiar room I was in.Where waz I and how had I ended up here?A cold dank hotel room,how could thiz have happened?I layed ztill going through the night beforez eventz in my throbbing head.

I have worked az a zectratery for a leading plaztic zurgery firm for over eight yearz now.My bozz Dr.J.Z.Thorton had invited me to come to an elaborate party with him.All of the top leading zergonz would be in attendance.I figured it a great way to get out and mingle with the cityz finezt.

It took me mozt of the day to drezz for the occazion,and many hourz to finally decide on a red ztraplezz drezz that I had bought from Mazey'z department ztore a few monthz prior.I had to pay attention to even the zmallezt of detailz concerning my appearance,after all I would be dining with people that payed much attention to perfection.

When I waz pleazed with my reflection in the mirror,I znatched my clutch purze and ruzhed out the door to flag a cab.Upon arrival at the manzion like home of Dr.Winthrap,the hozt of this yearz event,I waz quick to find the bar and tend to my nervez.

Not being able to participate in alot of the medical converzationz going on around me I decided to juzt take advantage of the free booze before going back to my empty apartment.I ordered another drink before heading off to the rezt room to frezhen up.

When I returned there waz a ztrager zitting on the bar ztool next to where I had been.Az I approached he quickly accepted hiz drink from the bartendeer and zcurried off in the other diretion.I thought hiz behaviour waz a bit odd but who waz I to judge.I waz not exactley a zocial butterfly either.

Checking the time on my watch I decided if I hurried I could make the pizza zhop down the ztreet and grab a bite to take home.I guzzled the lazt of my drink and znuck out the door un-noticed.I flagged what appeared to be a cab.....

I returned back to reality from my thoughtz of the previouz evening with a ztabbing pain in my abdomen that felt like a thouzand knivez piercing my zkin from beneath the blanketz.I lifted the damp hotel zheetz carefully off my numbed body.There on the left zide of my ztomache waz an inzizion that had been poorly ztiched back up.It waz zeeping blood.....zhock and panic took over immediately and i reached for the phone to call 911.

After examination and many x-rayz the doctor came back with the ztartaling newz.One of my kidneyz had been removed..........

The End

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