Without You..

I don’t want to let go of you

No matter how difficult things seem to be

I just want to hold on to you

Us apart is a truth that never could be


My hopes , my smiles, all rest in you

No one can ever fit that mould

I want none other than the one, just you

You are the one I wish to hold


My life is empty without you

How could I ever make you understand

That my life is life only with you

Not with anyone in this world so grand


I see no happiness if you aren’t around

Everything seems dull and meaningless

You are my sky , you are my ground,

You are my breath, don’t leave me breathless


I wish I could just open my heart

For you to see what pulsates inside

I am even ready to make a fresh start

If I am sure that you are by my side


A chest stabbed hard with a cruel knife

Has still some hope of a miracle bright

The pain of your not being in my life

Is beyond me to ever pen down and write.

The End

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