Without virtueMature

I knew it was wrong, but my egotistical desire proceeded without caution or guilt.

Within the walls that divided, as the rooms tilt

I have encountered many like you, and I pity them all as much as I do you.

Actually let me retract that statement, it's not really true.

I am selfish, careless, malicious, parsimonious, and I will break your heart in two.

If you really think about it, I resent you.

You try to make me weak, with your positive bullshit

It will never lure me in, you might as well quit

You think I will forgive and let you win

Your the delusional one then

I gave you up long ago, when you turned your back on me

OK, I admit I needed you occasionally

I became a hateful person, without you

Al because I was born with no virtue

The End

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