Without admitting our defeat...


I look up at the deep, dark sky,

And I wonder why,

Did you,

Leave me behind,

And only say goodbye,

With a wave of your hand,


So Now,

I want to take a stand,

And ask you face to face,

Was it worth the pain?

The pain I had within,

Whilst I stood here all these years,

Wondering just what you’re doing,

Whilst I’m stuck here,

Living my life,

Without you near,

To hold my hand when the ones I love the most,

Are taken from me in the night,

And forever haunt me as a ghost...


And that’s what you’ll be,

Because of all that time from me,

Living your own life,

Whilst you know your time is running out,

Because you know even all that time ago,

When you left it cut me like a knife,

When you left me and her,

To stand on our own feet,

Without admitting our defeat...

The End

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