Within the Depths of the Void

Inside the darkness is where I stand.

Here it is cold, and very lonely.

But this isolation has some how found it's way into the depths of my heart

becoming my sole desire.

It is here that my thoughts flow best.

Even with the pandemonium knocking on the other side,

yearning for me to join in it's endeavors, it is here that I am complete.

Such madness in this existence.

Constant reprisal, ceaseless torment, incessant psychological shifting.

Constantly questioning if the last move I've made is initiating

suffering upon my current resolve.

Constantly attempting to inveigle myself into believing that what I've done is necessary.

But at times, I am forced to question my disposition.

Was this worth it?

So many questions, and none of them encompassing unequivocal responses.

Every move taken is a guess

and there is no way to assure that the resolution I have attained

is the correct one for my situation.

I dream of the light at the end of the tunnel,

but I have no means of knowing which path I should take to reach it.

I'm eager to sprint,

but I have nowhere to go.

Yet on I go.

Not realizing that the only thing I accomplish is discontent.

And I will remain in this darkness.

The End

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