Within My Soul

Within my Soul


My love,

My love is not personified

It lives within my chest cavity

It illuminates the cavern

Turns a dead end into a nook

My love is my calling

And it’s a lost cause

There’s a war within

Between soul and body

Heart and head

And I have always been one that breathes through her soul.


In this life I have felt so barren

I blame free will

My heart rarely quickens

And when it does I hold it reverently

Reach out tentatively

For there is no fate

There are no signs

Nothing accept the hope of mutual attraction




I have been a loss for words

Hoping there is someone who could find them

My words echoing into the shell of your ear

Your words whispered on my lips

Nodding as I lean in

Speechless for all the right reasons for once

I am so lonely for want

Waiting endlessly to be struck with desire




I have danced with my silhouette

Sometimes I imagined it was my soul

Moving fluid speaking with the sweeps of my arms

My hands reaching and casting more shadows

They block my finger tips from reaching my grand silhouette

I weep because I want to feel my soul

Touch all of it depths

Something so important must not remain ambiguous

How will I ever explain to you, what is beauty?

What is passion?

All that remains dormant in my life, waiting to be roused.

The End

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