A poem about the me on the inside.

I sit here broken

I don't understand these feelings I'm feeling

It's like pure confusion

It's almost painful

I know it's driven by my insanity though

But that's all I know

The thoughts these feelings cause

Throws me to the point of death inside

I feel trapped in a box of emotion

As a river of beautiful crimson runs from my wrists

I'm to the point were I could care less

Every breath I take burns like a flame

It leaves me dead once again

How is it you keep me alive

But you kill me all at the same time

I feel lost

This life is a maze

It is without an end

I can't escape

I want to find myself

But I can't

I question

Am I real

Or am I the bad dream of a poor demented soul

Sometimes that's all this life feels like it can be

I want to be saved

But I can't be

It's impossible

The End

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