Withering Desire

A obscure and individual poem with a deep meaning......

A forgotten lamentation,
a forgiven trepidation,
a soul crawling throughout the dust,
kissing mixed yuletide visual hallucinations,
pray to your idol,
the one scaring throughout bone marrow,
give a gift of salutation,
grieve not for a wish never offered fruition,
we abide by the laws dictated by man,
not those offered by nature,
we all destroy to our own law,
but what reasoning convinced such an argument?
I have never-ending compassion,
no hungry bullheadedness to compound your images,
no such immorality as to question the result,
the motives are open through sensibility,
for democracy has it's own dark hour,
I pray for nothing unless in desperation,
and the so-called “God” seems to revel in such selfishness,
if not for a Saviour he would be immature,
a being striving to attain his own eduction,
experiments and conquests and fear most pure,
does the consequence justify the beginning?
Or does the beginning show the direction?
Forgive us in our warm condensed igloo,
missing the world for homely blubber,
it is not down to guidance we find our true self,
but a journey most random given fallacies,
engage poor hermit,
engage poor peasant,
engage poor glutton,
engage pure kin,
engage pure vigor,
engage pure argument,
in the sea,
the brine,
the entropy of atoms,
the dark arts jealous of our pride,
o enjoy,
yes enjoy,
dear farmstead.

The End

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