Broken by the hands of a man

Deciding to stay

Worried about the plan

getaway the kids won't understand

But what about me

And why shouldn't I take a stand

To save my own life

I took this rancid abuse even before I became his wife

Too blind to see the reality 

That if he really loved me

He would turn away when he becomes so angry 

Instead of bashing me

It is OK, it's alright

He said

But these words turned into another fight

It won't happen again

He said he would search within

And become the man who

Was once the cookie under my cinnamon

I don't have to wither away

Now, forever

It is OK to stay

I will wake up another day

I pray

And once again become the rose

That does not freeze under his cold nose

Beneath his hand of explosion

Why do I stay in a marriage of corrosion 

I keep losing my petals

As my arm thrashes from the metals

He threw at me

But he called me baby

Said I be looking lovely

As the blood runs down my mouth

And I am determined to head south

I will live, I will live without him

Then I will unwither

I will become lovely again

This day,

Today, the violence will end

The End

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