With Your Tiny Feet 'Til You're Half-Asleep

[This was supposed to be a challenge prompt - it turned into something else. Title from Ed Sheeran's 'Small Bump'.]

A memory; For my aunt, uncle, and cousins - who lost a beautiful little girl a while back when they hadn't gotten to meet her.

All diamond tears,
And heavy smiles.
Old sweet bundles
Left in abandoned piles.

It was all a bit blurry;
All a little misheard.
It can't be that,
He didn't say that word.

We're heavy with hearts
Heaping with love
That can't be spent - 
Just sent to above.

Home is too much;
Reminders like light
Too bright, too white
Too there to try and fight.

And it used to be full
Where now it's so empty,
Like a handful of love
That used to be plenty.

Little pink hats,
Soft, cuddly blankets.
Uprooted Happiness - 
Loss has been planted.

Kisses not given,
Cuddles unshared,
Diamond tears shed
Because it's not fair.

We're holding on
By our eyelashes.
Cautious and fragile - 
Glass always crashes.

And what hurts worst,
Even when I look fine -
I was so willing to believe
That you were really mine.

The End

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