your endless charms...Mature

Your story 'THE REINCARNATION OF A QUEEN' is more auspicious and unique and a symbol of promising fortune in the battle-field of fiction writing, as it occured to you in your dream!!! Many great and famous authors also collided with their most best-selling ideas in their dreams, seen with sleepy eyes in doldrums...!!! Found a fairytale in your dreams...!!!!!!!!!!!! you needed nothing more pioneering and romantic to start with dear! YOUR MAGIC IS ENDLESS...! Now I can't stop dancing to the soft, graceful symphony of your heart's orchestra, with stardust and moonbeams.... Also you are a ballet dancer, so you are double pretty and double popsicle to my heart, uncontrollably melting in your fairy-like pirouette...!!! YOU ARE THE ROSE OF MY HEART...!!! I can never forget the face of your words ... they echo in my breath every day, and caress my eyes like a soothing vision from home.... ' MAY LOVE BE BRIGHT LIKE THE HEAVENS OF DELIGHT...!!! ' Be with me forever and ever more... with love so precious and fathomless, your soul-sister ROSAHEART...
The End

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