OH!!!!!!!!!!!! Gardenia...!Mature

You have mesmerized my soul with your writing, Pulled a spell on my heart, Unlocked the dreams in my eyes, Whispered the hymns of bravery to my blood, Unwrapped the secret of your magic Leaving my unsatisfied impatience Aching for more...!!! You are the omnipotent, omnipresent wind with mute sparkles, Of magnetic music of excellence beyond the heights of profoundly, soul-painted brilliance Conquered or unconquered, by human intelligence in dramatic verse and lyrical life, Of fiction smartness... Your fiction is close to my heart's dream. I don't know, may be, 'cause I have a leo moon that I love the company of castles, Queens, Royal fragrances of human flowers and the many hues of bravery in your characters!!! I just can't stop commenting. Every page of your dream-world, in winged charms of butterfly-words, opens up a new thunder of excited heart-beats breathing in the waves of my inner kingdom, that, I am forever lost in your sweet, sweet fire of Queenly, Matriarchal love...!!!
The End

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