for you...Mature

dedicated to my dear dearest gardeniascastle...

Hi GardeniasCastle,

I am writing this prose-poetry for you. I hope you'll  like it and if you don't, you can always scold me and break my heart. I won't do anything to hurt you. I promise. I love you very much and your writing ofcourse . And I thought publishing my admiration for you on protagonize would be as exciting and passionate as Kevin penned down his feelings for his sweetie Rachel in the university online newspaper!!!!!!!!! ofcourse my love for you is girlish so pls don't misunderstand me!!! and forgive me if I have embarrassed you. I am doing this only because I love you and admire your work so much that to tell you every word of wonder, my heart speaks for you would be impossible without a proper documentation. So I felt why not publish it so that you could feel proud on protagonize even more( cause you deserve it girl!)   LOVE YOU MY DARLING QUEEN...!!!!!!!!!    

The End

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