Witchy Woman

I write a lot of poems about heartbreak. I guess it's all of this teenage angst that I have built up.

I have two things to tell you.

You have a great big head and I hate it.

It's proportional to your body, but not to the actions you've committed and the words you've spoken.

You are vile, But that never changed what I felt and what I thought and what kept me awake all the times that I didn't have much time to sleep in the first place.

You tore down my walls and just when you gave me a reason to build them back up, you tore them down again with your weak arms and strong hammers.

Smashing my fingers, you made it hard to hold on to every cliff that I dangled off to catch your attention.

You aren't omniscient, so you picked who you wanted to see and you stuck by that.

I know I lied when I said there were only two things that I had to say. But you lied when you said you'd never ever go away.

You lied when you said forever and always.

I wish we could be even, but I'm human, and that's something that would take a beating heart to be. 

You lack that.

The End

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