Wishing I Was BetterMature

When it's time to leave...

Wishing I was better for no one else will.

Loving for one who does no love me still.

I’ll let them bury me, I’ll go without a fight.

Not being me is what I believe is right.


For now I continue, my purpose unclear.

The only thing I seem to feel being fear.

Struggling against the pressure of another.

I’ll never have someone like a caring brother.


I can see plainly that I have no one.

Soon, I hope, I’ll be told that I’m done.

Maybe I shall start composing my last words.

I am forever doomed to be under the birds.


Wishing I was better for I received no cards.

All I got was trash thrown out of yards.

My director has quit his job, I’m officially lost.

My assassins lay in waiting, working at no cost.


Wishing I was better due to no care.

Trapped in a cage like a poor, hopeless mare.

Wishing I was better.

Time to compose a letter.



The End

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