Sometimes, I wish I could

Kill someone with m eyes.

I long to reach in like a ghost,

Enclose my invisible fingers around their soul

Slowly tightening my grip.


Grasping for even a quick breath,

It struggles, but I prevail

I stay, hands cemented together


It coughs and sputters,

Wises and wiggles

But its efforts are in vain.

Admitting defeat, it goes limp

Praying they pain would end shortly.


I wish I could do this to you,

Witness YOUR lifeless body

Hit the pavement, like a piece of wood;

The echoing plop ringing triumphantly

In my ears.


Oh, and to do it this very moment!

Kneeling at my feet,

Begging for forgiveness,

I would be like taking candy from a baby!


But no.

I love u still in my heart,

So I just wish you would

Leave me alone and let me cry.

The End

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