what didn't kill me, still hasn't made me stronger:

pale face to the moon-

the sunlight burns my skin,

sweltering flesh in the rays of realization,

so i turn to the reflection of its light.

im not a vampire, but most days i feel like one,

sleeping all day long, lethargic when forced to move-

the cloud is dense, ready to burst

ready to encompass me in my depression-

what hasn't killed has only made me clueless,

i have no grasp on the world,no compass to guide me-

discombobulated,weary from the storm.

my mind thinks:

"maybe the winds of the storm are so strong so you can

withstand the buffeting of the hurricane"-

"but you can't even withstand these,

you will never make it through anything worse",

my battered heart screams only seconds after.

what hasn't killed me, hasn't made me stronger-

just wiser.

The End

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