Wisdom Imparted, All But Heard

Actually, all of the poems I've posted so far come from "Poetry, Finding Use for a Voice" an unpublished book of my writings ~just full of poetry and thoughts from way back when to 2009...because I stopped really writing by then D:

     I understand. Where silence fails to make a point. Or where making a point fails to convey all meaning other than annoyance. Where words are enough and the other one just won’t shut up long enough to understand your silence.

     I see. Where justice is blind…is it, could it even be considered a virtue? How could it be a virtue when justice is human oriented, humanly made. Does God do “justice” according to our views? Or can our ways be changed according to His justice?

     I saw. Where others have eyes but overlook your name. Your past. Your life.

     I hear. Where others are “deaf” or are just oblivious to your silence. Where your voice is nothing but a whisper to them: something that teases the palate, resting there indefinitely until they take your thoughts as their own ideas; you, an uncredited sigh in the wind.

     I know. Where others fail at life in ignoring the lives of others. They know not the impact of action. Or lack thereof. Where are you in the world? An entity invisible only to society. 

The End

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