A Question of Wisdom

They say age brings wisdom

So they say.

It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t buy it.

The older I get the more confused I am.

I simply lack the moral certitude I had as a teenager.

I knew how to save the world I knew what was right and what was wrong

I saw everything in black and white

Today I have palpitations deciding what to have for lunch.

When I was young the big issues were so obvious.

He was right, he was wrong and I could see it so clearly.

Was the world simpler then or was I?

Is it just that I have become too willing to see both sides?

Oh God have I become a fence sitter?

Someone who just wants a quiet life.

Surely not, I haven’t changed that much have I?

Where has the fiery young liberal gone?

Is he cowering behind a closet conservative?

Oh please can I have the old world back, I knew what to do then.


Oh go away, and let me choose my lunch.

The End

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