I look out my window and see that 
Damned old Jack Frost has bitten
All the trees in my yard again
And more branches have broken
Spring cleanup is going to be a bitch

I wish that a warm southern wind
Would come and kick Jack Frost's ass
All the way back to the North pole
Now the people who live up there
Are warmer than I am way down here

I'm always cold and I'm sick of it
I want to go live on a tropical island
Where it never ever snows and
Only rains when it absolutely needs to
I'd like to eat tropical fruit till I puke

I hate winter. I hate it, hate it, hate it!
I hate those people who like winter
I hate all those snow-suited kids
Who go out and play in the snow
I hate all the little forts they make

I hate the people who ride snowmobiles
And use my back yard as a shortcut
I hate all the cheery little people on sleds
I hate the snowmen with their carrot noses
Tonight I'm going out with my baseball bat
And decapitate every frickin' last one of them!

The End

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