6. TheRiverTalker

in the unexpected shadows of the morning's first light,

in the back room canyons of the newborn's night,

in those first snarls of unseen fear,

the shape of Lady Death, does then appear.


Through the years, she has stalked my soul,

from sea to sea, from pole to pole,

relentless has been her savage prowl,

and endless so her haunting howl.


I first heard her screeching, scratching call,

as she spread o'er me her velvet pall,

when I fought for life in fevered cries,

and mama wept her sad good-byes.


Lady Death, she danced her dance with me once more,

in nights of death in desperate days of war,

shots were fired and blood was spilled,

and all but me were lost and killed.


Years did pass and I lived on,

wondering, wondering where she had gone,

I prayed, I hoped, that she had died away,

to leave me live just one more day.


But in the dim and fading glow,

in this dying place here below,

her sweet, dark lullabies, now she sings,

as I leave this place on soft, black velvet wings.





The End

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