5. olius_brightwell

Curiosity was her courageous guide,
Slyly prompting her to sneak and spy,
From overhead and from behind doors,
She sought the secrets of the ladies and lords,

Why did Lady Ellen sneak into the cellar?
And why did Lord Albert turn that awful color
When Lady Renault arrived with the chef?
Were her introductions not polite enough?

Jill could only wonder, and wonder she did,
One day she must do as a lady should,
If she wished to be a member of polite society,
She would have to learn from the high and mighty,

And that was when she found herself,
In a situation requiring utmost stealth,
Hiding in a wardrobe in a lady's room,
She had crawled within not a moment too soon!

The lord and lady had entered with a stumble,
And Jill had hid from the potential trouble,
Watching with wide eyes through the cracks,
She wondered what they did when they were relaxed,

It was the one place she had never spied,
Where the lords and ladies vanished from sight,
If Jill was to become a lady at some point,
She would need to learn what occurred at night,

But it was confusing to see,
That the two were only whispering,
The lord was beaming and the lady staring,
But Jill couldn't hear what they were saying,

They made a few awkward gestures,
And the lady became rather flustered,
The lord turned his back at her request,
And the lady moved with surprising haste,

Jill was amazed at her sudden speed,
As the lady fled like a wild steed,
Right out the window and onto the roof,
The lord still standing where he stood,

Jill took this silence, slightly stunned,
Perhaps her skills were more than good fun,
If ladies climbed on roofs all the time,
Then she could keep her tomboy style,

But she wondered what the lord would do now,
When, in a moment, he would turn around,
He appeared confused and checked under the bed,
He frowned and then scratched his balding head,

But the lord wasn’t finished, and Jill was scared,
As he turned to the wardrobe with a suspicious stare,
Jill let out a squeal as he approached,
And the lord replied with a hesitant croak,

“My lady, I know you’re in there,” he whispered,
And Jill felt the like word ‘lady’ was for her!
A lady? Oh my! So this was what it was like,
But she had to speak to remain hidden from sight,

“Don’t open the door,” she said as lady-like as she could,
“But why are you in there?” he asked from where he stood,
She looked at the hanging clothes, her mind brimming with lies,
“I am…changing,” she said, hoping her voice was disguised,

But he smiled and said, “Can I take a peek?”
Jill gasped with offense, wishing to slap the creep,
But instead she tried a plan that she had devised,
Telling him to turn his back for a pleasant surprise,

And when he did, Jill proved her true ladyship,
By slipping out and pulling a sudden trick,
By performing an amazing feat of gymnastics,
And diving out the window with a graceful flip,

And now that she was a lady on the roof,
She could only wonder at the real truth,
Were these silly situations normal?
Was being a lady so much trouble?

And so, leaping from the roof with a tumble,
She decided she would remain a rebel.

The End

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