4. Briony



Between the sheets of silk and scent

He lays relaxed, his body bent

Around his lady; what’s her name?

Giselle? Roselle? Her fire tame.

He breathes her in, the sweet exchange

Is over, time for him to leave

He grabs his pants and pulls his sleeve,

Another bed awaits his range.


He waltzes to another bar

And spies a girl sat, from afar

A sheet of gold shielding her face

Unveils a sin; those lips unlac’d

Into a bud, eyes wild with night

Which meet his own, a silent rule

Is met, engaging in the duel

He takes her coat, he’s won the fight.


Unlocking hazy tailored passion,

He feels the edges of her soul

The icy breast is thawed away

Her tempest heat provides the coal.


He stumbles out from her abode

Takes out a light as angst takes hold

He hollows as he turns to go

A feeling; plunging at his soul

Each kiss imprinted on his shell

An arching peace in her he felt

He tastes her skin still on his lips

A hole was made from that first sip.




Outside her flat he simply waits

And watches on, his soul dictates  

Then; there! she walks in, arm in arm,

With her tall beau, all smiles and charm

How long since him? Three years or more?

The wretched scene makes him unsure

A haze descends, green in his eyes

He sees them join, bare chest and thighs.


He wrestles with his toiling pain

He tries to tell her, but in vain

His ugly pride was his great flaw

‘This is not love!’ he cried, so sore.


He tries to weave his life again

And add some colour to the grain

He was once a prowling Juan!

Felling women (even the odd man)

But now he sits with empty glasses

In a posh bar, time slowly passes

Enduring whispers and cruel glances

He finally leaves; no more chances.


Days become weeks, weeks turn to years,

He shadows her movements,

A ghost with no fears

His body now bent

Round a girl for some green

A phantom of poor health

Locked away; cold, unseen.




Now sat on a porch in an old wooden chair

He watches the world as it passes unfair

A mother and child lay out on the grass

All the young neighbours are hurrying past.


Greying and lined, his face turns away

His watery eyes feel a stir where they lay

One tear is shed as he feels his hard breath,

He locked his one love in his heart, until death.


The End

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