1. meliverde

"Mrs. Bell cont."

She offered me her hand,
trembling and grey.
It felt like cold potatoes,
but I dared not pull away.

My classmates shook their heads.
I was marching to my death.
The library was silent
save the wheezing of her breath.

Her fingers probed the shelf
then she handed me King Lear
I suddenly heard sobbing,
then she wiped away a tear.

(Oh no! what do I do?), I thought.
My heart began to race.
(do I pat her on the back?
do I try to give her space?)

My muscles went all rigid
then she leaned in whispering,
“you wouldn’t understand, my dear.
for love’s a grown up thing.”

“It’s been nearly 5 years,”
she said, staring with a grin,
“that I was last,
let in the mall,
to see that mannequin.”

The End

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